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Nov '13: The Run-Down calculators are being hosted on RunnerSpace going forward. You will still have free access to them exactly as before! You can also still purchase the mobile app version of the performance calculator.

Title Presented By Posted Updated
Performance Calculators
Find equivalent performances across a wide range of events.
Run-Down Nov 6, 2001 Apr 25, 2005
Workout/Racing Pace Charts Run-Down Feb 22, 2006 May 5, 2006
Mile Pace Calculator
Determine the pace necessary to run a distance in a specific time, the time to run a distance at a specific pace, or the distance run in a certain amount of time at a specific pace.
Run-Down Jun 16, 2006 Sep 29, 2011
Pace-MPH Conversion Tool
Convert pace to speed or speed to pace.
Run-Down Feb 23, 2009 --
Stride Length Calculator
Determine your average stride length based on your cadence.
Run-Down Sep 17, 2012 --
Calorie Calculator Run-Down Nov 14, 2010 --
"Best Possible" 100m by Split Composite X-King Mar 10, 2003 Oct 8, 2003
All-Time 100m Top 10 Lists Justin Clouder Oct 9, 2001 Nov 11, 2002
100m Junior All-Time Performances To 10.19 Justin Clouder Oct 11, 2001 Jan 29, 2003
Oregon High School 6A State XC Projections Dan Kaplan Oct 29, 2006 Oct 29, 2013

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