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Performance Calculator Mobile Version!

Now Available!
Mobile version of our most popular tool, the Performance Predictor.

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Ever wish you could get an equivalent race performance to an odd interval distance you just ran, or that you could convert mile pace and miles per hour on the fly, but you have to wait till getting home for internet access? Or, are you a coach that needs to revise a workout last minute and needs paces? Well, now we have a solution!

Run-Down has teamed up with Chocolate Fish Software to develop a Windows Mobile / Pocket PC version of the Performance Predictor for only $15. This version displays just the Purdy and VO2 Max columns from the web version, so as to fit the smaller mobile displays.

Additionally, we have coded HTML/JavaScript versions of the three calculators (Performance Predictor, Mile Pace, and Pace-MPH Conversion), allowing them to be run on any PDA or smart phone with a touch screen display and web browser, rather than just those with Windows Mobile. This package is not yet available (due to the difficulty in enforcing licensing) but may be released if the demand warrants it. Contact us for details.

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