Guest Articles

     Article Author Submitted
 "Train Properly with a Heart Rate Monitor" Jacquie Barry 6/13/05
 "Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs" Caylin Lampasona 4/14/04
 "Never Fear Hills Again" Mark Williams 4/14/04
 "100m Junior All-Time Performances To 10.19" Justin Clouder 1/13/03
 "All-Time 100m Top 10 Lists" Justin Clouder 10/8/02
 "The California Comet - Harold Davis" Justin Clouder 10/12/01
 "In Appreciation of Calvin Smith" Justin Clouder 10/12/01
 "Part II, The Story Behind the Amazing Success of Black Athletes (Why Kenyans Dominate Distance Running)" Jon Entine 6/14/00
 "Part I, The Story Behind the Amazing Success of Black Athletes" Jon Entine 6/12/00
 "Why There is No Drug Problem in Track or Distance Running (satire)" Ward Nicholson 4/26/00
 "Nutrition for Better Performance" Hollis Bass, MEd, RD 4/19/00
 "Marathon Stories" Pat Burch 11/23/99
 "Playing Mind Games that Help You Win" Dr. Relax 11/16/99
 "Plantar Fasciitis and Stretching" Dr. Perry Julien 10/18/99
 "Cross Training" 9/13/99
 "Hill Running" 9/13/99
 "Periodization" 9/13/99
 "Plantar Fasciitis" 9/13/99
 "The Racing Game (Patience)" 9/13/99
 "Running Shoes & Injuries" Paul Talbot 7/27/99
 "RUNNING" Kim Cramer 7/13/99
 "The First Ever Sub-45 sec 400m" Justin Clouder 5/14/99
 "Hicham El Guerrouj's Training" Marco Veledíaz 5/10/99
 "Tommie Smith: The Original Michael Johnson" Justin Clouder 5/4/99
 "Bob Hayes: The Greatest 100m Runner of All Time" Justin Clouder 5/4/99
 "Track & Field Websites" Randy Treadway 4/26/99
 "The Moroccan Training System" Marco Veledíaz 4/12/99
 "John Molvar's Running Movie Reviews"
    (With additional commentary from Bill Brist)
John Molvar 4/6/99
 "Randy Treadway's Running Movie Reviews" Randy Treadway 4/5/99

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