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     When I decided to put together a website, way back in 1999, I was immediately faced with the task of deciding what I should offer that is worth your time to read. Everyone has links to other sites, many even have regional and northwest running links. But few can tell you what I, Dan Kaplan, think about running. Thus, I humbly offer you my views on training, for performance as well as for health. Much of the Training section remains as I wrote it back in '99, despite my having spent the bulk of the ensuing years coaching at the college and high school levels. As such, it is less representative of my training philosophy now than it was then.

Why Me?

I hear there are now more websites than there are people. I bet there are even more theories on how to train! Why stop now? I might as well chime in. Why me, you ask. If you have read through the rest of this site, you know how great my interest is in running. Yet, you have no clue about me as a runner. That's where this section comes in.

My Best Marks

I hesitate to list these, merely because some people will think my relative slowness means I know little about running. Remember, great athletes often make for poor coaches.

 1500m: 4:35.36
 800m: 2:09.75
 400m: 57.30
 200m: 26.05
 5k: 21:27 HS, 19:37 College, 19:02 age 37, 18:11 age 38

     Where to begin? As you may have guessed, I consider myself a mid-distance runner with a leaning toward the sprints. I feel I am qualified to give training advice for several reasons: I have trained under four different college coaches (including a former Pac-10 coach) and seen what worked best for myself and for my teammates, I have improved every year for nine years straight (my last two 1500 PR's have been by 15 and 9 seconds), and I am overly analytical!

*Please note: All exercise, training, health, and nutritional information on this page and throughout Run-Down should be treated as educational in nature. Unless explicitly stated as otherwise, all advice contained within Run-Down's pages is non-medical opinion. Please consult a doctor before embarking on any exercise or training regimen. Run-Down and Dan Kaplan do not assume responsibility for any physical harm that may be caused as a result of advice given on these pages.

Training Pages:  My Running  Speed vs. Pace  Toe-Running and Metabolism  Creatine and Injuries  Workouts   Speed vs. Pace