Elite American Runners Word Scramble

This word scramble was provided courtesy of John-Hans Melcher

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Here are the clues for the runners' last names:

List 1:
  1. Beantown favorite
  2. If he broke 13 minutes why can't you?
  3. Kicked himself right into Olympic History
  4. When this guy adds, 2 + 4 = 62.5
  5. 1+2=Yeeeeow can she fly, and jump, too!
  6. The first Quad Man...it took 48 years for another Quad Man.
  7. Milrose Mile Mamma....even as a master!
  8. She can blaze a sub-60 for the last lap of a 1.5; that's gotta put her on my wall.
  9. USA's fastest ever Political Miler
  10. Lead for a while then got beat by 3. Don't that beat all?!
  11. He won this World Championship twice in a row....then nada for USA from then on.
  12. In the early 60's he beat those guys in front of 80,000 screaming fans... no little feat here!
  13. You Sir are the greatest _________ in the world. A royal quote indeed!
List 2:
  1. He still holds the US record...all 5,280 feet of it.
  2. Why is the crowd so quiet? Here I am! It's me. I'm first!!
  3. USA's invincible long distance runner in 1981-1982....
  4. Thrilled us all at that 1972 Mile Dual Spectacular...and dipped under in HS too.
  5. The best kept secret USA golden boy in Japan.
  6. When she decided to go....she left the pack and went right into the history books.
  7. She consistently kicks butt in the mud; turned in a pretty good 26 in '99, too.
  8. An innocent man butcherd by the courts....but he had the record for 10 years!
  9. I got the 1 but may never get the 2....yet It's my turn to blaze!!!!!
  10. I jumped once, twice, thrice, and quatro! And I always came up gold!!!
  11. Hey...what about me? Ain't 5k bronze good too?