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Gossamer Threads' Links Mods

Mod Name For Version Date Posted
Featured Sites Links SQL 1.11 4/21/00
Image Ratings Links SQL 1.11 NA
Priority Page Links SQL 1.11 4/21/00

Discus Mods

Mods for the Discus discussion forum are currently located here. These will allow versions 3.x of Discus to look more like the UBB.


Powered by ReSearch
ReSearch, short for Results Search, is a PHP/MySQL program which allows you to make information easily searchable online. Be it running events, other individual sports, or even business product listings, ReSearch will provide a dynamic solution to displaying your databases and spreadsheets on the web in searchable fashion.

  • Overview is presented jointly by Run-Down and AbleDesign. It provides a simple way to make newsletter/discussion list email subscribe/unsubscribe text links function as a handy form selection box. Real world testing has shown this to be 400% more effective than standard listserv-type links! The HTML output pages (subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation) are very easy to customize as desired, so the script will blend seamlessly with your site design. was inspired by Subscribe Me and written in the style of Gossamer Threads' Links and DBMan.
  • Downloads
    You may download the zip file here. Instructions are included in the script file. Alternatively, you can copy the contents of the text file, saving it as
  • License is provided free of charge. You may modify the script however you see fit, as long as the copyright notice and header remain intact. You may not redistribute the script without authorization. It would be appreciated if you let me know via email if and where you are using it.
  • Demo
    Below is an example of how much more user friendly can make your newsletter signup. (Form submission is disabled.)

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Newsletter Demo:
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