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Run-Down is the most comprehensive running portal on the internet, and as such, provides very targeted and valuable advertising opportunities.

There are currently five areas of advertising available:

  • Text Link Advertising "Highlighted Sites" on the right column of the home page, available at a rate of $100 for 3 months.
  • Premium Banner Advertising 100x60 or smaller banner at the top of the home page -- by far the highest visibility. Contact for rates.
  • Standard Banner Advertising 468x60 banner at the top of most pages. Contact for rates.
  • Secondary Banner Advertising 100 pixel wide or less banner at top left of pages and middle right of running links pages. Contact for rates.
  • Priority Link Listings Get your link listed at the top of the category for improved visibility.
  • Contest sponsorship. Providing a prize(s) for the monthly contest ensures you free advertising on the main contest page and permanent advertising on results pages for any contests you sponsored.

All advertising is subject to a minimum purchase of $50. Packages may consist of a mix of advertising locations.

Priority Link Listings
If you have a running related website that is included in the Run-Down Running Links, you have the option of greatly increasing its visibility by purchasing a Priority Listing. A Priority Listing places your link at the top of its category, as opposed to the standard alphabetical sort. Additionally, Priority Links have a special image next to them to further differentiate them from non-Priority Links:

Priority 25 = Priority
Priority 0 = No Priority

You can view the Priority level of any link by placing your mouse over the runner image next to it. If a category has multiple Priority Links, the Priority Links are sorted by highest Priority. You can upgrade your Priority level at any time.

Priority Links are available for as little as $10 a month, with the Priority level being equal to the monthly dollar value. For example, no Priority is equivalent to 'Priority 0.' $10 a month gives a link 'Priority 10,' and $50 a month gives it 'Priority 50.'

Additionally, Priority Links now have their own page separate from the category pages for even higher visibility!

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Advertising rates may change at any time without notice, but pre-paid accounts will be honored in their entirety.