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Question: How do I run Lighter on my feet?
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Answered By: Run-Down
Answer: Heel striking, which most people do naturally when wearing modern running shoes, is a very "heavy" running motion. If your foot plant makes much noise, then you are landing too heavy. That is a sign that undue pounding and stress is being placed throughout your legs and feet. Landing more toward your midfoot or on your toes (actually the ball of your foot) tends to soften the foot plant. Visualizing the pushing off phase more than the landing phase might also reduce the impact. Running barefoot, assuming your feet are toughened enough to handle it, is also a great way of teaching yourself proper form. The feet will be unable to handle heel striking without the forced cushioning of a shoe. If you have sand, grass, or something similarly soft to practice barefoot on, this is highly advised.
Date Added: 08-Oct-2000
Last Updated: 08-Oct-2000

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